• Play The Delphyq Pre-Alpha Demo at GDC17

    GDC17 We are happy to announce that we are going to GDC17 to showcase our upcoming Strategy & Tactics game, Delphyq. This will be our first major video game convention, and we are nervous and excited at the same time. We received positive feedback from the people who were able to play an earlier version of our demo at IndieCade back in October 2016. We have since improved the AI and the graphics in preparation for GDC17. If you are going to GDC17, we'd love to meet you! Visit us at Booth PL4626, GDC Play, Moscone Center, San Francisco on March 1 -3, 2017.

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  • Delphyq


    Coming Soon
  • Criminal King

    Criminal King

    Now Available
  • Squirrel-E-Madness


    Now Available
  • Save the Runner

    Save the Runner

    Now Available
  • Black Zone

    Black Zone

    Coming Soon
  • The Glove

    The Glove

    Now Available
  • Ninja Friends Z

    Ninja Friends Z

    Now Available

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We are a small company founded by people who love games. We started this company to create games that we have always dreamed of…games that we would love playing.

To this end, we have put together a small team of people who are passionate about games, and who all share the same vision. We want to be known as a company that listens to you, our audience, our customers, our community, and still staying true to our artistic vision.   We believe that in doing so, we stay grounded with the core ideologies and aspirations that lead us here in the first place.

We seek to tell compelling stories, impart philosophical insights, and deliver meaningful experiences through the games that we create.  We just barely started, but we shall strive to take you on a journey through an alternate reality that goes beyond the borders of our imagination and into… Beyond Red Wave Arts


We strive to grow a company where a team of creators love what they do and build on their dreams.


To provide entertainment that will inspire deep thought and which is as enjoyable to experience as it is to create.


Raymond avatar

With a deep passion for the company, he works hard everyday to make BRWA the best it can be.  Armed with his extensive experience in business and operations, he provides a solid and stable foundation for the company’s growth.  He had been a gamer for 30+ years, and he envisions himself playing AAA titles, which he helped create, someday.



Paul avatar

Creates and refines ideas and heads the Creative Team. Growing up he lived in his imagination and has been deeply inspired by media of all kinds, video games being the most impactful. He works to bring his crazy ideas to life and has a flare for the philosophical. Most importantly of all, he wants people to have fun.


Big Picture Guy

Sam avatar

Heads visual development for BRWA’s projects.  A lifelong video game enthusiast, he spends all of his time focused on improving artistically or making/playing games.  He strives to create vivid, and otherworldly experiences with the things he creates.  He owns a cat named Beep Boop.


Art Guy

Jordan avatar

Video game producer and lead game developer.  Our newest addition to the crew is equipped with a deadly combination of management, software development and IT skills.  He will use these leveled up abilities in the on going battle against deadlines and bugs!  A lifetime gamer, he loves all kinds of games from League of Legends and Roller Coaster Tycoon to Call of Duty and The Witcher Series.


Tech Guy

Go Beyond. ™